Some days the same thing keeps hitting you in the face and you just have to write about it.  Today I read a great article about someone who was told that they would never be able to fully raise their arm again, (following breast cancer surgery).  She wouldn't accept it and she can raise it with the best of them after taking up yoga.  Another friend told me of someone she is concerned about, especially that they might, "accept" the doctors judgement that this was as good as her life was going to get, and then a lovely friend of mine, who I've been pushing for, golly, fifteen or more years, to write a book about her experiences sends me an email and says she is going to write it!

I am a believer that the grey matter between our ears is the strongest computer we will ever program.  We program it daily with our self talk.  Sadly that self-talk is very often negative.  I can't do this, I can't do that.  Worse still, others, and respected others, at that, program it for us.  Who am I talking about?  The medical profession.  I have met countless people who have been told, myself included, that this or that will or won't happen and they've been proven entirely wrong.  Included in this are a couple of people who were told they would be dead within a year if they didn't follow a certain course of action and they're both still here many, many years later and my great friend, who I'll just call M, who was told she would only ever be able to move her head, after a serious car accident.

M is the person who is embarking on writing that book.  I'm so thrilled because she has quite a story, and truthfully I only know the first part of it.  I had had the privilege of working with quadriplegics and was horrified when M's husband told me the prognosis they had been given.  No movement in the limbs at all.  M might be able to move her head and she would have to do everything via a mouth stick or blow tube.  I had heard of others who had overcome such a prognosis and wanted M to be able to do the same and fortunately M wanted this for her self.  She didn't want to accept the prognosis.

So M and I worked on a few strategies.  I found as much positive material as I could about people who had proven their doctors wrong, including a great video called the Miracle Man.  (Let me know if you know how I can obtain a copy of it - it's a ripper!).  We also made up a sign from a talk given by a US motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar.  The sign said "S.N.I.O.P" and meant "You are Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People."  M would just look at this and smile whenever the negative people spoke.  I also loaned her several relaxation, (meditation), tapes that helped to clear and calm her mind. 

The other, very important, thing M did was to create a healing visualisation.  Now don't laugh, visualisations are a very strong tool in any healing process and let me tell you, if you can visualise it, your brain can believe it.  So M thought about her problem.  She had been told that there were many blockages in her nervous system.  These blockages were stopping the signals getting from her brain to tell her arms and legs to move.  So these blockages needed to be cleared.  M came up with tiny snow ploughs, within her nervous system, particularly within her spinal column.  They were busy clearing the blockages.

Now I don't want to give everything away that's going to be in M's book, so suffice to say that Mary came a long way from simply moving her head.  Yes she is in a wheelchair, but she writes, (more legibly than I do these days), drives a car, completed a uni degree, went on to represent the disabled community etc. etc.

So if you are sitting there, telling yourself you have to accept your situation, or if someone is telling you that, be they a family member or the best professional.  Don't take it on board.  Set your sights higher.  It can be done and you can do it!

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