Go Nuts

I am a great believer in the principle "you are what you eat", so expect quite a few recipes and also discussions on things to eat.  One of the things I wrestled with for quite a while was nuts.  I was given so much conflicting information.  "Eat nuts", "Don't eat nuts", "They don't digest easily", "Roasted nuts have no nutrition left in them". "Eat nuts raw", "Raw nuts are bad for you" aaaeeeiii!

Then I was told to soak them overnight to remove the enzyme inhibitors that make them very difficult to digest. Well let's face it, nature intended seeds, (nuts), to be eaten by an animal, passed through their system and pooped out to grow somewhere.
So it's true, if you eat raw nuts, you don't gain much nutritional benefit. Now I love soaked nuts in my bircher muesli, (I'll give you this recipe soon), but some types go a bit, well, slimy and therefore are not so appetising.

 Similarly roasted nuts are also devoid of much nutrition. So imagine my joy when a friend told me how to solve the problem.  So you still need to soak the nuts overnight in water, (I also add a good spoon of celtic sea salt to add some minerals to them). To make them crisp and yummy, the next day you drain off the water and pop them into a dehydrator for about 24 hours, or if you don't have a dehydrator you can put them on a tray in your oven, (only cool, my dehydrator setting for nuts is 41 c or 105 f, any hotter and you'll destroy the goodness in the nuts anyway). The result - wonderful crunchy nuts that everyone loves and you know are good for you.

The original recipe comes from a great book: Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon.  This is a book I highly recommend.

Today's Advice: If you enjoy nuts, try this recipe out.  It really isn't difficult. Try it, you won't go back. Here's my latest batch.


  1. I've done all the same study about nuts and come up with the same information and the same conclusions. I get mine from Santos and always keep them refrigerated so that the oils don't go rancid. The place that nuts have in my diet are as a source of good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. For the omega oils I have linseed oil and good clean fish oil. But, back to nuts -- YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leigh told me about your blog. It's a great thing to be doing! Your writing it's really inspirational. love rose

  2. Just catching up. Thanks Rose, nice to know someone is reading it and congrats on your healthy diet.