My Story

I’ve lost a breast to cancer; was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, (think sister to Lupus), and condemned to regular checks for the lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis that might come with it; have spent years putting a lubricating pellet in my eyes each morning to enable me to go out into bright light and not scratch my eyes out with discomfort; was diagnosed with severe reactive hypoglycemia, (my blood sugar plummeted to 1.6 in tests – that's coma territory), and told that I should eat every two hours to enable my blood sugar to stay high enough to support me and to do no more than slow walking for months; Ive been debilitated by glandular fever, Q fever and parvo virus. I’ve been plagued with migraine headaches, irregular periods, pre menstrual tension and chronic fatigue.
Tests revealed a copper level 5 times the normal level along with lead, mercury and arsenic and a deficiency in many essential minerals. My oestrogen level was off the scale. Given a family history of glaucoma I’ve been told to have my eyes checked every two years, they’re also checked for a curvature of the stigma and short sightedness, I scratched my leg until it bled with stress-induced eczema and I’ve had my appendix, tonsils and hemorrhoids surgically removed, and if that’s not enough my ex husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, (MS) and rosacea. Am I pushing 90? No I’m in my early 50s. Five years a go I declared enough!  I made a decision, a very important decision, and one that will affect the rest of my life. I no longer DO disease!

Am I still affected by a number of chronic illnesses?  Yes.  Do they rule my life any longer?  No.  Do I believe I can be free of them completely eventually?  Yes. 

I've had times in my life when I've struggled to put one foot in front of the other.  These days I am pretty fit and active.  I cycle regularly and completed a 784km bike trip in 13 days in 2008.  This year I might just sign up for another long ride.  I spend plenty of time enjoying, (labouring, sweating), on my property where I grow a portion of my own fruit and veggies and maintain a fair area of bush. 

People who know some of my story often ask what I do about my health and I will share some of that with you here.  I am not a trained doctor and what I've done works for me, but may not work for you.  I'll add links where I can so you can read further and decide what might work best for you. 

Today's advice: always read from at least three sources and then make up your own mind!

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