Take in the fresh air

The weather here is superb.  It's a crisp, clear autumn day and I have to ask myself what I'm doing here inside the house.  I guess work has to come first sometimes.  However I'm shortly taking a break and I'm going to walk outside and feel the sun on my skin, (just a short burst for vitamin d therapy, not tanning), and feel the breeze and just enjoy being at one with nature.

My partner and I both realised that when we lived in the city we lived totally removed from nature.  When we moved to a rural property, the connection was made again and we felt renewed happiness.  Perhaps that's the "missing" so many people feel in their lives.  Imagine our surprise and delight to hear a radio interview on ABC recently, with Richard Louv, who has written a book called "Last Child in the Woods", and coined the phrase "Nature-deficit disorder". 
Richard talks about the very real problems that are growing as a result of our disconnect with nature, particularly for children, but for us all. Richard is part of a movement encouraging people to spend some of their time back in nature, even if that is only in their own back yard.  Put up a bird bath, or a bat box, or some native plants that will attract in the birds, but better still go out and walk in the bush. (Please leave the dog at home).

In most parts of the world it is either spring or autumn,  The perfect time to reconnect with nature.  If you live in an apartment find a local park. Remember when we were kids?  Collecting tadpoles, beautiful autumn leaves, interesting seed pods.  Let's recapture that.  The walking will help you too, but the serenity that can be obtained by being in nature cannot be replaced by anything man made.
Today's Advice: Find yourself a tadpole, a persimmon or a tree to hug so you too can avoid nature-deficit disorder and if you want to know more about Richard Louv, his book and work go to:

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