31% of our animals gone

Yes, sadly, a UN report has today told how 31% of the world's wildlife has gone since 1970.  This folks, is a disaster for our health!  I truly believe nature is nurture for us, mentally and physically, and if we destroy it all, we will not survive ourselves.  One of the remedies for me has been moving to a bush block and I've seen wildlife here slowly diminish as more houses are put up locally, bush is removed in favour of exotic species or nothing at all, dogs are allowed to roam the bush and cars increase, causing a terrible road toll.

It's not enough that we say we are too busy.  There must be time to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.  Having a cause is also a remedy and I am now declaring that my major cause is to alert as many people as I can to the plight of the other species who we share this planet with. 
They not only have a right to be here, but we need them for our own survival.  No animals, no us!  Come on, let's all fight to save our wildlife,  Talk to your local politician, tell them talk is not enough, we need decisive action NOW!   Sorry this wasn't meant to be a political blog, but some things I feel very strongly about!  I mean doesn't his little fellow, he's a pademelon by the way, deserve to be here too?  And wouldn't you just feel so much better to be able to see him out in the wild?

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