So I just know you are someone who starts the day with a good breakfast!  Come on, you aren't going to get anywhere with your health if you don't have breakfast - and I mean within a couple of hours of rising, not mid morning or late afternoon.

I love my bircher muesli for breakfast and as I just made up a batch I thought I'd share it.  There are probably a million variations on this theme, but this is my favourite
at the moment.  Amounts are very rough as I just throw in hand fulls and stir it up.  Where you can use certified organic produce, though the debate still rages as to whether they have more nutrients, no one will argue about the fact they don't have chemical residues!

1+1/2 cups rolled oats (not the quick variety - proper old fashioned oats!)
A handful of raw almonds
2 tablespoons each of sunflower seeds, sultanas, linseeds (flax seeds) and desiccated coconut.

Mix together in a bowl.  Just add enough water to cover the contents and leave overnight in the fridge.

Here's the one I just made.  It will last me a few days.

In the morning add in a good dollop of plain yoghurt and three different fruits cut into pieces.  Mix it all up and there you have a really yummy breakfast!  Enjoy.

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