Friday Flip-Offs Blog-Hop, 5/28 edition

Here's a great de-stressing idea if you are a blogger.  Thanks to Alicia from A Beautiful Mess and Gigi from Kludgy Mom  Read these two today and you'll realise that I'm the beginner here - these two are the true masters of flipping people off.
What's it all about?  Well you simply vent all that stuff you are always too polite to say out loud.  You feel better, (and so do those near you, as you won't take it out on them), and you are added to a blog list that easily allows you to blog hop and see what's annoying others - guaranteed to make you feel even better.

I'm just hoping I'm adding the html properly so it all works! 

So to flip off the people annoying me this week

To The people at Integria who thought they could mess up my order twice with little or no ramifications.  Well you've had to think again.  Flip off the lot of you.

To the speeding drivers on my local roads, many of whom I suspect think it's shocking to see an accident where the driver has been speeding, and then simply speed themselves, thinking they can do it safely.  Well just slow down will you or flip off, you're killing our wildlife and one day it's going to be a person.

To our country's two major political parties, who think we are all idiots and that they can continually lie and break promises and that they'll still govern.  Watch out, I think people are about to flip you both off!

To developers moving into our beautiful part of the world and thinking we want our bush split up into tiny blocks, removed and replaced with exotic species and fences.  Definitely flip off!  Oh and add the local council here, especially those who voted for golden arches to arrive in Yamba when the majority of the residents don't want it.


  1. You have the blog hop linky on your blog, so you did that right. All you have to do is click on the "click here to enter" and then type your name and the url from that post, I think on the bottom. Try again and let me know. Btw, so glad you are playing along. Great flips!! Feel better?? Sorry, I might have been one of those speeding drivers yesterday. lol

  2. Cheryl, I added it for you. Don't know if this is what you wanted to call it, so you're welcome to do it again if you want. This linky goes like this: The first line is your name or title or post and second line is the url

    Happy Friday!

  3. hi Cheryl! Thanks for joining in my meme! Glad to see you linking up! I agree about our two political parties...I'm completely apolitical anymore because I think they're all corrupt.

    Come back next week :)

  4. hey....i think everyone agrees on flipping off polititions! way to be the first though i have seen to flip them off! :)

  5. Cheryl-
    Stopping over from Friday Flip-Offs blog hop.
    Even in America I think we are all ready to flip off our politicians. Yag already!
    Glad you are a part of the blog hop.

  6. What a brilliant idea, Cheryl,

    I'll have to check it out later (after the domestic chores - which I've neglected for a couple of weeks).