Healthy Chocolate

I don't think I know anyone who doesn't enjoy chocolate.  The problem being that most comes attached to too much sugar and other ingredients that are detrimental to our health.  So here's some really good news - pure raw chocolate powder, (raw cacao powder).  It contains:
  • 14 times more anti-oxidants than red wine
  • 21 times more anti-oxidants than green tea
  • 7 times more anti-oxidants than dark chocolate.
The powder also includes phytonutrients, protein, zinc, omega 3, calcium, chromium, iron, copper, sulphur, potassium and magnesium. 

The type I buy is also cultivated organically, which means no petrochemical fertilisers or toxic pesticides.  (There's been debate lately over whether organic food
 has more nutrients than conventional food- seems that depends on which report you read, but all conclude that organic food doesn't contain pesticide residues!  Always ensure the products are certified organic.)  I also look for "fair trade' products.  What that means is that the producers are supported, rather than exploited.

When you open the packet and breath in its aroma it is pure chocolate heaven.  So how to use it?  The same way you would use commercial cocoa powder.  Here's a recipe that's very simple and which is based on a recipe I picked up whilst staying at a fantastic health retreat, Camp Eden in Queensland, Australia.

Soak a cup and a half of raw almonds in water over night.
Next day.  Drain them.  Put in a food processor and process until well chopped.
Add an equal amount of dried pitted dates. (Or fresh, if you are flush with funds!) and two flat tablespoons of cacao powder.  Blend it all together.
Roll into bite size balls and refrigerate until cold.

This recipe is only limited by your imagination.  I tried a mix of dates and sultanas, you can also change the mix of nuts (always soak them overnight to remove the inhibitors - see my post of 20th April for all the reasoning).

Now you have a chocolate treat that really is very good for you. (Though don't over do it - healthy doesn't mean non-fattening if you eat too many).  Enjoy.

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