Instant Self-Forgiveness

What a fantastic concept!  Earlier this year I attended a week-long intensive singing class run by two wonderful tutors, Brian Martin and Imogen Wolf.  Both are accomplished singers, in fact I'll include a link to Brian's work at the end of this posting.  At one point, early in the week, Imogen was demonstrating a part and made a mistake.  She smiled broadly and said "instant self-forgiveness".
 She went on to explain that this is something musicians rely on a lot.  When you sing in public, you're human and you'll make mistakes, often the audience doesn't even realise they have been made, but either way you don't have time to spend beating yourself up about it as you must move onto the next note to continue the song immediately.

This was one of those "light bulb on" type moments for me.  I have exacting standards for myself - something that has made me highly successful in many areas of my life, so no apologies there, however when I do slip I beat myself up with a very large stick and for a very long time, something that has, undoubtedly, contributed to the illnesses I have suffered over the years.  Does beating yourself up change one thing?  Not one.  It just makes life a pain. 
So now I practice instant self-forgiveness.  I do four things:
- I apologise if it's necessary
- I figure out what the learning point is so I don't repeat the mistake again
- I accept that I am human and no matter what I do, I will cock it up at some point,
- I move on with my life.

That is both quicker and easier than beating myself up!  I hope it works for you.

Here's the link to Brian Martin.  His music is fantastic and the work he is doing with Global Harmony is something to enjoy and be involved with if you enjoy singing.  I now sing once a week, and didn't even know I could until Brian's class.  Try it, you might surprise yourself.


  1. LOL, oh yeah, I sing. :-0

    I like your ideas here about self-forgiveness. I tend to beat myself up when I make a mistake too, depending on the severity of the mistake. I think your point #3 is spot-on, and I will try to remember that from now on!!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I love this article, says alot about the direction I want to move in my current life. In fact, we seem to share similar ideas on life in many ways (even though I live in the inner city).

    I too have justed started a blog, but am significantly "technology challenged". I want to send you a private message re a comment you made on my blog. How do I do that?