The Law of Lesser Pissers

I mark my books. Yes I take to them with highlighter pens and biros and I make sure I can easily find the good bits again. This horrifies my mother who thinks I'm a vandal and it makes my partner jealous because he'd love to but just can't make himself do it. The thing is, that unless you highlight the pieces you want to remember, you forget them, and it's all too hard to read the whole book to find them again.

I've mentioned one of my current favourite books before in this blog.  "The Breakthrough Experience" by Dr John F Demartini and lately I've found one of Dr Demartini's laws pretty helpful.  It's the Law of Lesser Pissers. Yes you read that correctly. The Law of Lesser Pissers. It states, and I quote: "that if you're given the choice between pissing someone else off or pissing yourself off, choose, them. People come and go, but you're with you for the whole trip...and it's your life."

Now isn't that worth marking a book for? Haven't you, on several occasions, backed down to keep the peace and ultimately just ended up pissing yourself off?

I'm not suggesting you go around offending people, but think about what you really want for yourself, and deserve, and simply speak up honestly for it.  What's that old saying, "Please yourself and you'll please everyone."  I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel I "should" do this, or "must" do that - mainly to please others, and then I can become resentful because they still haven't been pleased and I'm not happy either.  Lately I've found if I just gently ask for what I need, those around me are quite happy and I'm happier, no resentment and the world hasn't collapsed into a million pieces.

I think this is very important for our health.  If we are spending our time pleasing others, and that isn't making us happy, ultimately something is going to crack.  Stress rises, resentment builds and eventually an argument occurs and out pour the resentments and often the other person is shocked, because they didn't even realise you were giving the ground up in the first place.  No one reads minds, well know one I know.  Communicate openly and honestly and though a couple of people might be offended for a moment or two, ultimately every one will be happier!

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