Move it and feel great!

You've heard it a million times; "Move it or lose it."  The older you are, the more you know it's true, though it's never too late to start moving it again! I believe the key is to find a fun way to move it!  I have two ways.  One is walking around my property.  Now I'm lucky to have a few acres of bush and so can really enjoy the natural environment as I walk.  My circuit takes me about 20 minutes and it's a great way to start the day, and to warm up on the cooler mornings.  The other thing that I really love is cycling!

Oh don't say you can't, or you're too old, or you haven't ridden since you were a kid.  They are all false excuses.  I only had one bike when I was a child.  A small one and I recall having to abandon it because my knees kept on hitting the handle bars.  I wasn't allowed to have a full size bike.  Far too dangerous, I was told.  So imagine this, a community cycling group is started in a nearby town and I decide to have a go.  I buy an old bike from a recycling centre and front up.  I go about 5km and am absolutely stuffed and walk back thinking I'm going to die.  I knew nothing of gears, cycling equipment, cadence.  That was less than four years ago.  (Though I tell people I'm 39, I'm really in my 50s! so I was close to 50 when I started).

Though it was tough for those first few rides, I met some lovely people and wanted to stick with it.  I learned more about the equipment, bought a better bike, and within 18 months had embarked on a 784km ride in 13 days! 
I am fitter than I ever was in my 20s, 30s or 40s and I have a great group of friends.  I cycle twice a week and we always have a coffee break, so not only am I staying fit, but it's a great social time.  The oldest rider I know is pushing 80 and there are several trikes - in other words 3 wheelers, which mean you cannot tip over.

I'd really encourage you to go out and find your local BUG, (Bicycle User Group) and see what they have to offer.   I know my local area much better now and see some wonderful things by bike, which you would totally miss in a car.  Who knows, one of these days I might just embark on a long ride again!  Enjoy a few photos I took on the ride I went on last weekend.

That place across the river is where we stopped for coffee.
Beautiful weekenders.

Don't think you have great things to see on a bike near your home?  Life's short - move.  Yes I'm serious.  Don't be depressed by your surroundings forever, find a wonderful place to live.  If cycling isn't your thing, take a walk, play tennis, swim, find a fun way to move - I promise you'll feel better for it.

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