Relaxation is the Key

And no I don't mean sitting in front of the TV.  If there was only one thing I could do for my health it would be relaxation exercises.  I call them relaxation exercises, as meditation conjures up visions of sitting cross legged for hours for some people and that's not what I do at all.  I first came across relaxation tapes when I had a stress related eczema when I was in my 20s.  I would scratch my leg until it bled and no one could find a solution.  Then a new GP said he thought it was stress related and thankfully didn't prescribe a pill, but sent me to a lovely lady who took me through my first relaxation exercises.  This was basically a clench and release technique that worked from my toes to my head a section at a time. It worked, eczema gone.

I then came across relaxation exercises as a means to work more effectively, and again it worked.  The more consistently I use relaxation exercises, the better I find my life is.  I sleep better, I'm happier, I cope with stress better, I have more energy and I'm sure I'm going to live longer.  There are some amazing stories of its use and I'm going to provide the links here for several of my favourite relaxation tapes so you can try it for yourself.

Two of the most inspiring stories come from two people
who the medical profession said would be dead over twenty years ago - both are still alive today.  One is Ian Gawler and the other is Petrea King.  Both used relaxation exercises as a the pivotal point of their recovery.  I particularly like Petrea's relaxation Cd's and you can find a range of them at I particularly like her "Healing Journey" CD.  If you want something a bit shorter go to and look for the "Meditating Easily tape and if you want a lovely relaxation that has both a daytime and a nighttime, put you to sleep option, go to: and purchase the yoga nidra CD.

I always work towards doing two relaxation exercises a day.  I try to do one first thing in the morning, then the second might happen just before lunch and if it's a big day I'll try to do a 3rd before dinner.  I recommend a minimum of 2 a day.  Collect yourself a range of Cd's, so you don't get bored and find ways to put them into your schedule.  Don't think "I don't have time".  I promise you that if you take the time, you will work much more effectively and so will make up the time spent and more. Go on try it.  I bet it will make a difference to you.  Let me know.

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