Holiday at Home

Can you be happy at home? I mean really happy? Contented? Relaxed? Or do you need to go away somewhere to truly relax?  Why do we always see work that needs to be done when we are at home?

I took some time out, recently, to really investigate that thought. I realised that I had talked myself into the fact that here I am always "doing", so I felt I needed to go somewhere else to just "be".  Now holidays are great, but I'm home much more of the time, so I decided to figure out what it would take for me to be able to "Holiday at home". What continually nags at me when I'm here?  What stops me being able to take time out, curl up with a book, walk in the garden and not see things that need to be done?

For me there were several things.
1) Housework. I really don't enjoy it but I hate my home to be a mess. My partner hates it too. Solution, find a cleaner to come in and do a really good clean once a month and we'll keep it tidy between times. Great, more time for the blogs! Yes there's a cost, but far less cost than a holiday, with lasting benefits to me mentally and physically.

2) We have quite a lot of land to look after and feral weeds and fallen trees, plus a huge vegetable garden take up a lot of time and energy. We discussed it and we'll hire a huge mulcher to come in once a year to clean a lot of it up, instead of doing it all by hand. We might even find a local bloke to lend a hand from time to time. Again it's an addition to the budget, but it's taken the pressure off both of us.  The work will never be finished, we know that, but having a plan is allowing us to sit back and really smell the roses.

3) I am wasting time trying to find things in cluttered cupboards. I'm going to take time out to declutter and I'm going to sell some of the gear on eBay and that will help pay for 1 and 2. The few drawers I've completed already are giving me sheer delight.  Instead of opening up a drawer and groaning, I smile widely!

4) There are marks developing on the bedroom ceiling. I've been ignoring it and hoping it will go away, but it's clearly using up mental space. So we've drawn up a simple plan of attack to get it fixed.

And so on.  You have the picture. So what's affecting your enjoyment of your home? Find it and create a plan to fix it, by a specific date, so you can take some downtime without looking around saying, this needs doing or that needs doing. Just the exercise of deciding what's nagging at you takes away much of the stress. I've not only freed up time for better things, I've cleaned up my head space about it all. Well worth the short time it took to decide what was nagging, put the items down on paper and agree solutions.  Now I can take a holiday any day I want to and right here.


  1. I was just thinking about this the other day. I mean you can leave your home and take a vacation, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But when you come home everything will still be the same there. I want to organize our study better. I think it will make things more enjoyable. The husby and I are currently in the midst of deciding what is worth the energy drain to do, and what we might pay someone else to do. It's such a good idea to figure out where you want to spend your time/money.

  2. Congratulations, Cheryl.

    Now, don't "the roses smell all the better" now you've made time to appreciate them.

    I wish I could afford someone to clean my little flat, but, I'm gradually learning to NOT clean it on a regular basis.