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Lately I've been reading a lot of posts about balance.  Maintaining a balance of activities in our lives, a balance between work and play and so on.  I started blogging in April this year and I was very excited about the concept and the information I could share and there were two things that came to mind.  Firstly my love of the environment, especially my piece of bush and the creatures I share it with and the other was my health.  Without health we have little else.  As time has gone on I have realised that this blogging thing can become an addiction and can also be very time consuming and no matter how satisfying it is, adding things in one area means something has to go in another.

So my friends, I have decided to simply concentrate on the Scrubby Bush blog.  I will include health things in there from time-to-time as they are very much part of my life.  To Victoria at Health Living and Me and DJ Kirkby at Chez Aspie thank you for following me here and I do hope you will move over and follow me at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush.  (I recommend both these blogs, Victoria for her superb photography and wonderful healthy recipes and DJ for her writing and the classic "Wordless Wednesday" competition, so do drop in and say hi to them both).  By concentrating on one blog I hope to bring you richer content and I hope you'll enjoy getting to know Merrilyn (pictured below) and her mob.  Thank you all for visiting here.  See you all at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush

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  1. Thanks for the message, Cheryl,

    I'll swing on over to Scrubby Bush from now on.

    Blogging sure can be addictive, but I'm slowing down now that I've set my template & blog up.

    Like you mentioned, don't want to spend too much time on the computer at the risk of losing the balance in my life. And now, that I'm not working, I want to spend as much time enjoying this wonderful world we live in. It sure is a wonderful time in my life, being able to "smell the roses" & appreciate the incredible beauty in the Botanic Gardens & Riverside right on my doorstep.
    But I DO envy you, your life in the bushland where you live.