Pumpkin Soup

The worst thing about making pumpkin soup is the peeling so I"m delighted to tell you that this is a recipe where you don't have to, well at least not whilst it's hard and raw. It's easy and it's delicious!

Some of you will know that I have two blogs.  My other blog Scrubby Bush is about my Australian bush property, Merrilyn the kangaroo and her mob and the environment, so it's not often the two blogs end up with the same subject matter.  However as I grow my own pumpkins and this recipe is just so easy and delicious, I've decided to post it on both blogs.  This is just the ticket now we are into winter.

Simply take one home grown pumpkin. (Supermarket will do if you don't grow your own. These are the jap variety)

Bake it whole in the oven until soft. Yes I do mean whole.
Here's the one I did yesterday, just out of the oven. Ready when a knife pushes in easily to the centre. It depends a bit on the pumpkin size but about an hour at 180 degrees Celsius. Roasting not only makes it easy to peel but also adds a fabulous flavour.

Cut it in half and leave to cool so that you can handle it.

When cool, cut out the flesh, put into a saucepan. Add water until it is a consistency that you are happy with.
Add some flavour. Yesterday I added a good teaspoon of cumin and a tablespoon of soy sauce. I also like cumin and grated ginger, curry leaves, ginger and kaffir lime leaves or bits of sun dried tomatoes and shredded basil leaves. (A chef friend, who just called in said try balsamic vinegar instead of the soy sauce - gentler apparently). 
Combine it all, bring to the boil gently and then blend.

You don't have to do this, but it is just so lovely and smooth if you do that's it's worth the extra effort.

Reheat and serve. Just delicious! Bon Appetite!


  1. I adore pumpkin soup but my oven isn't large enoough to roast a whole one. I'll try this by roasting it in quarters though, will still save peeling time. Hey, have you tried pumpking jam? I've got a great recipe.

  2. Yum, Cheryl,

    that soup looks scrumptious. I make mine with butternut pumpkin with a pinch of nutmeg & home made chicken stock (all pureed when cooked).

    I never, ever would have thought of roasting the whole pumpkin. Brilliant idea.

    I like a big dollop of Jalna organic yoghurt plopped into the middle of mine. Not stirred in though. I spoon a bit of cold yoghurt & a bit of hot pumpkin soup on the one spoon. Makes for an interesting taste sensation - hot & cold at the same time.

  3. I read your elephant story and tried to comment but it kept saying I didn't know my own address!and so I will tell you here that I don't believe I know anyone who has lived through a more hair-raising experience. Do you still have nightmares? I had a teacher once from India who always said you can never really domesticate an elephant. They can turn rogue in an instant. You have a lot of courage. I admire that.

    Never have tried pumpkin except in pie. Maybe cookies and muffins.

  4. I am kit much a of cook, but the soup looks yummy. Love pumpkin anything.